First $houtout: Secondary HTML Content

November 18th, 2011 by Gage Pacifera

How many hours of your life have been saved by using a free plug-in, extension, mod or other chunk of code to develop a site? A lot you say? Yeah me, too. Any how many times have you hit that bright yellow Donate button to reward that developer for his efforts? …hmm. Yeah, me too.

But today we turn that around, one useful plug-in/extension/mod/etc. at a time! Here at Harmonic Northwest we like to reward developers for their efforts (even if we’ve never met them before) and we’ll do it in the form of moolah and a $houtout in the Harmonic Northwest blog. The Harmonic Northwest $houtout is an effort to give some money and recognition to those selfless developers who offer up their expertise to help the development community in exchange for a voluntary donation.

Today’s $houtout goes to Jake M Goldman and his WordPress plugin Secondary HTML Content. We will kindly overlook the use of a font that looks dangerously close to comic sans on his home page and instead focus on the brilliant bit of code he created.

The Secondary HTML Content plugin adds five extra content boxes to the WordPress page editing interface that you can use in your pages. So, for example, if you have page-specific content that goes in parts of the page besides the main content area, this plugin is perfect. You can assign the secondary box 1 content to go to that sidebar, you can assign secondary box 2 content to populate that little image/video area and you can use the last three for tabbed content on the bottom. You can edit all of this content in Visual mode with the WYSIWYG editor buttons. It’s super convenient.

We do hope he continues work on this plugin to add additional features like custom box labels, HTML mode editing and allowing indefinite number of boxes, but it’s a really awesome plugin as-is. Highly recommended. Five stars.

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