$houtout: CSS Browser Selector

March 29th, 2012 by Gage Pacifera

The Harmonic Northwest $houtout is an effort to give some money and recognition to those selfless developers who offer up their expertise to help the development community in exchange for a voluntary donation.

This $houtout for the CSS Browser Selector falls under the category of “code snippet I’ve been using forever but for which have not yet given a donation”. It’s a super handy little javascript file that determines what browser and platform are being used to view a web page, then adds a special class to the top of the DOM tree that allows you to implement styles specific to those parameters. I’ve used it on just about every HTML project I’ve done in the past few years to optimize site layouts for different browsers.

CSS Browser Selector

¡Muchas graçias Rafael Lima, eres lo máximo!

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