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June 13th, 2012 by Gage Pacifera

Harmonic Northwest developed the site studioriley.com for strategist and researcher Chris Riley. Design kudos go to Josh at Plazm and I worked with Dan at Elseloop on the development.  Chris posts a lot of great content there that is relevant to his global brand communications perspective. The initial version of the site when up in advance of his TED talk in Austin back in February.

Much like the Bittermann Photography site I did earlier this year, this site is built to scale nicely between various screen sizes. At full size the excerpts along the bottom of the home page are displayed as a horizontal carousel. At mobile size, those appear as a simple vertically-stacked list. The header graphics and text scale down nicely as the user shrinks down screen size. We also implemented some custom code so that the post-specific photo carousels would also scale dynamically with screen size in both single image and thumbnail modes.

There are also some nice admin features going on behind the scenes. Chris is able to select from a few different formatting options for the header layouts to compose different combos of text and image. He is also able to categorize and order posts and “feature” certain ones (adds a distinctive red border). We also implemented a feature that allows clients to log in and view videos and files specifically tied to that client’s login.

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