$houtout: Advanced Custom Fields

October 31st, 2012 by Gage Pacifera

This $houtout for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin is a bit of a no-brainer for me. ACF has been enormously useful to me since I discovered it several months ago. It allows you to add custom form fields to your posts/pages/categories/custom posts/taxonomies/users/whatever that can be saved and used in your themes. Need a field for a subheading? Easy. Want a checkbox to determine if that banner should show up or not? Piece of cake. Need an entirely new WYSIWYG area for adding a different block of content? Check. Seriously, this thing is sooooo useful, it has saved me many many hours of dealing with custom WordPress admin metabox code.


If you’re a WordPress developer and haven’t tried this out yet, go grab it and give it a whirl! And then buy an add-on or two to support this genius bit of code from Mr. Elliot Condon. I just picked up the Options Page add-on (because I can use that one immediately) and I have a sneaking suspicion the Gallery add-on is soon to follow.

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