Server Powerup

October 14th, 2013 by Gage Pacifera

supersonicrobocheetah3000I recently upgraded my VPS to CanvasDream’s most powerful option: the amazing, untouchably quick.. umm.. VPS 3? They really need a more catchy name for that. Maybe something like THE SUPERSONIC ROBOCHEETAH 3000 (yes, in all-caps, please)? Just sayin’.

In any event, I was taking note of some of the useful IT skills I’ve picked up since I started managing my own VPS a few years back. A few things I was able to do with relative ease to migrate to the new VPS:

  • Navigate WHM and cPanels to export, restore, create and delete user accounts
  • Configure and rebuild PHP, including options like PDO and GD library
  • Install GIT
  • Connect via SSH to excecute command-line GIT pulls, fetches and resets
  • Reset services such as SSH, MySQL, Apache, etc.
  • Export and import MySQL databases
  • Assign available IP addresses to an account

I suspect that none of this would be particularly impressive to a seasoned server admin type, but I’d also say it’s not too shabby for a guy who had never used SSH command line or seen a WHM panel before jumping into managing a VPS. I am proud to say that I have become a reasonably serviceable server administrator.

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