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August 11th, 2014 by Gage Pacifera


The crew over at Portland-based Nutcase Helmets has done a great job of creating a stylish line of helmets that both looks awesome and saves lives on the street, up the slopes and in the water. One of our Harmonic Northwest staff (guess who!) actually bikes into the office pretty often with the hilarious and hunger-inducing watermelon helmet. So when Mambo Media hit us up to help out with some updates, we were more than happy to oblige.

The site was initially put together by local web shop Substance and they did a really fantastic job. I learned a bunch of new tricks while wading through their code including some advanced CSS3 techniques, a novel Git setup that includes a submodule linking directly to the WordPress source repo, deployment with Capistrano, WordPress multi-site and more. Harmonic Northwest implemented several updates: helping design and develop a new blog home page that allowed for more intuitive browsing, SEO adjustments, google analytics tracking updates, a page for their new line of Moto helmets, breaking out themes to allow for greater customization by different countries and updating their custom Shopify theme.

I was stoked to have the chance to visit the Nutcase Headquarters near Ford Food and Drink and meet with their marketing team there. I loved that the office was festively decorated with dozens of colorful helmets on the walls and on shelves. And the super-cute dog who joined us in the meeting was a welcome (if somewhat unhelpful) addition.

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