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November 9th, 2015 by Gage Pacifera

[Oct 2018 update: see more info about our small business packages and see updated example sites at harmonicnw.com/packages/]

In an effort to offer our customers exceptional economical website options while allowing myself and other HNW developers to work with an easily manageable and extendable codebase, Harmonic Northwest created two custom WordPress themes. I’m still finalizing the catchy names for them, but one is a highly adaptable business-oriented theme and the other is geared toward artists. Both shine on mobile with highly responsive page elements, a dynamic small-screen navigation experience, automatic image and video scaling and highly readable, eye-catching text. And of course both themes allow clients to log in and update their content through an easy-to-use admin interface.

The “Gatsby”

amiThis one is perfect for just about any business. It features a prominent scrolling banner, doubles as both a one-pager or multi-page site, sports some stylish modal and dropdown boxes, has options for embedding images and media, and is flexible enough to accommodate all sorts of extra features.

There are currently two live sites using this theme:


The “Warhol”

marisaThis theme is designed for the artist. Whether you’re showing off your photos, paintings, necklaces or signature dishes, this delightful theme is sure to impress your audience. Note the eye-catching image realignment when you resize the screen… this theme stacks up and aligns your images with the skill of a futuristic robot (but not these robots).

We have one site utilizing this theme out in the wild plus a demo site:



Thanks so much to Michael Fofrich for designing the company theme and Sze Wa Cheung for helping out with the portfolio theme. Thomas Bruketta also gets props for lending his considerable talent to the development of both.

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