January 4th, 2016 by Gage Pacifera


Early on in my development career I was intrigued by Flash. I loved the way that the combination of animation, sound, user interaction and storyline could create compelling online experiences. I ended up learning Actionscript and got my first contract gig in Oregon doing some Flash training modules for a company out in Hillsboro. Later I put together a ton more training modules for Intel products while working at CMD Agency and developed a number of standalone animation sequences for AngelVision. Flash has a special place in my heart.

Now of course, Flash has fallen out of fashion. But I think that the kind of Flash-powered interactive experiences that were popular a decade ago are making a slow comeback with the ever-increasing ability of web browsers to reliably support things like HTML5, web video and canvas.

A while back I was telling my friends about a Flash game I had created while I was figuring out the platform over a decade ago. I unearthed it from deep within my archives, dusted it off and put it online for them (and the world) to play. You can check it out at:


It’s actually not too bad. It’s fairly entertaining trying to dodge the menacing purple ball and setting off huge chain blasts of adjacent bombs. Feel free to give it a try! But not on your mobile device. And I’m pretty sure that high score table never worked.

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