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November 10th, 2022 by Gage Pacifera

We recently published Harmonic Northwest’s rates on our website. You can check them out on our rates page.


This is part of a push to make Harmonic Northwest’s operations more transparent.

We already give clients detailed biweekly invoices that document all hours spent on a project by person. This includes developer time as well as project management and administrative work related to a project. When everything goes well and we come in under budget, you’ll see that reflected in your invoice. When we go down some unfortunate rabbit holes and have to retract some of those hours to meet budget expectations, you’ll see that discount in the invoice, too. We think this openness provides our clients with useful insight into the development process and gives credibility to what we ultimately charge for a project.

Publishing our rates gives potential clients a sense of what the financial side of a business relationship with Harmonic Northwest will look like. And it gives existing clients a more comprehensive view of services and personnel that are potentially available to them. Additionally, it gives our own employees and contractors an idea of how company billing rates stack up against their own rates, which helps our team understand how their work supports the company’s bottom line.

Our hourly rates are tiered, meaning that you will receive a different rate based on the person you are working with. A veteran developer will have a different rate than an up-and-coming developer-in-training. A QA specialist will have a different rate than a technical project manager.

In some instances this allows us to source a better-value resource to complete less difficult or less specialized tasks and then pass on the savings.

In general, though, we aim to provide roughly the same value for differently priced tiers of the same type of work. For example, it should cost you about the same amount of money to complete a task with either the $75/hr developer or the $95/hr developer because the higher-cost developer, having more experience, can complete the project in less hours.

Is publishing our rates a good idea? We always try to err on the side of transparency and we think it is. Let us know what you think on LinkedIn or via email.

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