Understand Your Audience’s Behavior through Analytics

December 20th, 2023 by Gage Pacifera

Website analytics can give insight into how your audience is using your site and help you steer users to the content you would like them to see and interact with.

Harmonic Northwest worked with Magnetry to help set up a baseline of useful website analytics data using Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager for the firstthingsfirst.org website. This entailed creating events, tags, reports, conversions, explorations and more.

The analytics configuration tracked multiple variables across the site including language, region and program types of interest. We created page flow diagrams that showed how users arrived at key content. We also tracked important actions such as clicks on phone and email links and form submissions.

This bundle of information combined with Google Analytics out-of-the-box reports helps the organization see where users are going and what users are doing. Knowing this information helps inform changes that can be made to guide more users to important content such as contact forms and their program offerings.

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