Our Rates

Here at Harmonic Northwest we value transparency. One of the important ways that we prove our commitment to transparency is by publishing our billing rates online.

We break down our rates based on developer type and experience. When you receive an invoice from Harmonic Northwest, you will see hours broken down by the individual who did work on your project. We generally bill by the hour, but can also work on fixed bid if preferred.


Job Title Rate
Mid-Level Developer I
This developer has a proven record of coding experience and can work with a good level of independence.
Mid-Level Developer II
This developer is a strong coder in multiple technologies and is very comfortable working independently.
Senior Developer
This developer has extensive coding experience and has demonstrated excellence in multiple technologies. This person is also great with project communication.
Technical Project Manager
In addition to understanding the details of coding, this person is excellent at scoping projects, managing team members, communicating with clients and generally keeping projects on track.
SEO Analyst
This person knows the ins and outs of improving search engine ranking and can work with clients, developers and copywriters to formulate and implement an SEO plan.
This position is responsible for testing and documenting bugs and improvements for all aspects of projects including issues involving user experience, problematic data, browser and device-specific layout problems, deviations from design, and more.
The admin takes care of many of the aspects of project management that are not overly technical or creative in nature such as creating invoices and configuring projects in our project management systems.
Specialist I
This is a highly experienced senior developer with a specialty that is useful (and likely necessary) for the projects that they work on.
Specialist II
The cost on these highly skilled, specialized external resources varies but you can expect to pay more than you would for most other developers.